» » » Формирование лингвистических компетенций учащихся в процессе подготовки к ОГЭ

Формирование лингвистических компетенций учащихся в процессе подготовки к ОГЭ

Предлагаю вам мастер-класс по формированию лингвистических компетенций учащихся в процессе подготовки к ОГЭ с использованием мультимедийного лингафонного оборудования. 
Цели и задачи мастер-класса:
  • Содействовать повышению профессиональной ИКТ-компетенции учителей английского языка.
  • Способствовать внедрению в процесс обучения информационно-коммуникационных технологий.
  • Способствовать обмену опытом учителей для повышения качества обучения английскому языку.

  • Мультимедийное лингафонное оборудование, 
  • школьная доска.

Формирование лингвистических компетенций

T: Good afternoon, my dear guests! I am glad to see you at our school. My name is Ekaterina Vladislavovna. Well, I offer you to return to your childhood. Let`s imagine that you are my pupils and today we have an English lesson. Look, you see your English names in front of you. 
Alice                                                                             Charlie
Betsy                                                                            Martin
T: Today we are going to prepare for the State Exam. Pay your attention to the blackboard. You can see some aspects which are included into the examination work. They are Listening, Reading, Grammar and vocabulary and Writing. So, Betsy, what is your favourite aspect? 
Betsy: ………
T: Well done! And what about you, Olivia?
Olivia: ………

T: My friends, we will train our listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary skills. 
At first let`s start with listening. Please, take the sheet number 1. You will hear 4 short dialogues under the letters A, B, C and D. You have to find out where each of these dialogues takes place. There is only 1 extra point in this task. Write down the correct answers into your box. You will hear the recording twice. You have 20 seconds to look through the task. 
Знакомятся 20 сек.
T: Put on your earphones and get ready to do the task. 
T: Take off your earphones, please. It`s time to check your answers. I want to be sure you are not mistaken. Look, there are five "numbers” on your desks. I will name you the letter and you are to rise the correct number. 
(You are right, excellent, good job, well done, … you are mistaken)
T: Thank you, my dears. I offer you to start the second task. Take the sheet №2 from your desks. The task is to complete the dialogue after listening. You will hear the recording twice. Take your pencils and be very attentive! Put on your earphones and get ready.
T: Are you ready with your dialogues? 
P: Yes, we are.
T: Brilliant! Now I want Emily and Susan to read the dialogues to check them.
T: Excellent! You haven`t got any mistakes. It`s time to act out the dialogues. Let`s form  the pairs. Look at the blackboard. Alice will work with Betsy, Emily will work with Jane and so on. You see that I am going to work with Monica. I will connect you with your partner and you will hear only each other. Wait a minute. …подключение………. 
Put on your earphones.
So, you may start.   

Работаю с Моникой. Остальные работают в парах.
T: Take off your earphones, please. Children, I am satisfied with your work.   We are going to continue……………отображаю текст на мониторы…………. There is a text on your screen with 4 statements below. You have to define the possible answer and circle it. So start doing the task, please.    
Читают текст и обводят верные ответы
Включаю текстовый чат. 

T: It`s time to check this task. You should type your answers into the text-chart and send them to me. I will see your answers on my computer. So, type the first answer… (your answers are right). Type the second answer, please (… good job, my dears). Now the third one (Excellent! You are right). And the last point, please (well, you are not mistaken). 

The right answers are: 

1. False
2. False
3. Not stated
4. True
T: The last task trains our grammar and vocabulary. Please, take the sheet number 3 from your desk. Read the text and fill in the blankets with the necessary grammar and lexical forms. I`ll give you 2 minutes to complete the task. 
выполняют задание
T: Your time is up. I will show you the correct answers. Look at your screens and find out if you are right.
B13  traditional
B14  successful
B15  beginning
B16  friendship
B17  tasty
B18  happily

T: Rise your hand if all your answers are right. поднимают руки.
Our class is coming to the end. Your hometask will be to write a letter to your English-speaking pen-friend. You have the envelopes with this task on your desks. You may take them home. 
To sum up I would like to say that we have practiced our skills in listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary.
You were very active today and I hope you will successfully prepare for your exam. The English proverb says: "Diligence is the mother of good fortune”. 
Dear guests, you know that New Year`s Eve is coming soon. I wish you a lot of happiness and I want you always to stay in a good mood. Let all your dreams come true. I have some Christmas cards for you. My congratulations! вручаю новогодние открытки. Thank you for your attention!
Подведение итогов урока английского языка.
Буду рада, если мой мастер-класс поспособствует повышению профессиональной ИКТ-компетенции учителей английского языка.  
Автор: Екатерина Владиславовна Джура, г. Орехово-Зуево

Автор: Екатерина Владиславовна Джура

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